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Where do you hold your teaching sessions?

Due to the pandemic COVID-19, we are actually performing 90% online tutoring. However, we are offering in-person tutoring if the student is not too comfortable behind the screen.

How do you charge for your teaching services?

We accommode all our students depending on their budget. You can choose to pay daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or for the whole program. Your choice is ours!

Do you have a place where students can come to take a class?

Due to the Pandemic, our classrooms are closed. We are trying to make sure our students and staff are not getting in each other; therefore, we are choosing to offer our sessions through Zoom or at the student's house.

Do you have a specific teaching qualification?

Yes. All our tutors are well qualified for their role. They all detent up to a master on the field. They have a proven result of their achievements.

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